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My pledge to you is to complete the assigned task with speed and accuracy. I pride my self on conducting business with honestly and integrity. Trust that we will complete project on time and within the budget you outline. After we complete a project the best compliment is coming back and asking us to complete another!

A little About FAD......
My name is Gelmini Simone. I'am an expert in telecommunications and electronics, i worked in electric as assistant to the design of electrical systems such as :

  1. Industrial Automation
  2. Electrical installations of buildings, hospitals, residence, house ...etc.
  3. Electrical lighting.
  4. I have worked in projects in Electrical, Mechanical and Architecture.

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Mail Address:
Gelmini Simone
Street San Valentino n°13 Perarolo di Vigonza
35010 Padova
Region Veneto
Tel +3902320623388
Fax +390498599268

My Examples

Paper To Cad conversion Explained

Paper to cad conversion explained: If you find yourself with a paper drawing and you need it in cad, fast and accurate with no hassles, call me. Why go through the hassle and experience of doing that grunt work when you can easily outsource it to experienced cad professional at less cost? Paper to cad conversion means just that, I convert your scanned paper drawing into an accurate cad drawing. I use your scan as a background and manually redraw the whole thing, using your layers, styles and conventions. When I finish its an exact copy of the original, only in cad. If you want a workable autocad file, manual redrawing is the only method that insures a quality 100% accurate conversion.

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IMPORTANT : The work will be performed only only after a quote by mutual agreement.

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To make a payment through Paypal:
1 - Go to the website ;
2 - Click on the log-in and enter in your account ;
3 - Go to send Money ;
4 - Complete the payment window by the amount to be paid 
      and place as e-mail address to send Paypal payment
      my Paypal ID ;
5 - My Paypal ID to receive your payment is as follows:
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Solution Graphics
To make a payment with Skrill Moneybookers:

1 - Go to this link : ;
2 - Login with your Username and Password 
3 - Click on Upload found and recharge your Skrill Account
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5 - Complete the payment window by the amount to be paid
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